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2.en.24 A useful site to check past tenses

In order to write your autobiographical rap following Michel Rosen’s model, you’ll need to use past tenses. All of you are in your early teens, so you will have to use about 12 past tenses. Why don’t you try to use irregular ones. It will be a good opportunity to learn some by heart in a funny way.

“When I was two, I ate a soapy flannel….”

In this site (the same one you’ve used to revise vocabulary connected with family)  you can find useful on line exercises to get some practice.

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2.en.23 Vocabulary: useful words to talk about families

We have been talking a lot about families, haven’t we?  Check the following questions.

  • Do you take after your mum or your dad?
  • Are you the spitting image of your………..?
  • Who do you get on better with? / do you get on well with your…..?
  • Do you feel closer to…. or to………?
  • Do you have rows? / What do you have rows about?

Now it is time to revise some vocabulary that comes in handy to talk about family and relationships. Check this site and do the  set of exercises on line.

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2.en.21 Rhyming: Michael Rosen’s crazy autobiographical rap

Let’s keep the poetic mood.

Could you make up a crazy autobiography inspired by Michael’s rap?


2.es.38. Descripción característica de personas, animales, cosas. Modelo A




2.es.37. Descripción característica de personas, animales, cosas. Modelos A y B


2.en.20 Poetry and pronunciation: Shel Silverstein and Andrew Bird

Spanish people usually pronounce the word comfortable wrongly

This is a very funny poem by Shel Silverstein, an American writer, called twistable turnable man. After reading it and singing it, I’m sure you’ll always pronounce COMFORTABLE correctly.

The you tube video will help you understand the poem. It is like  tongue twister. You know what a tongue twister is, don’t you?



2.en.19 On a poetic mood: Limericks

You really did a great job acting up  limericks! Next week we shall upload your drawings to the blog. Some of them can compete with Lear’s illustrations.

In this site you can find Edward Lear’s limericks and artwork.

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