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3.en.10 Making choices: follow three refugees on their journey

Click on the image below to learn what the life of a refugee is like.

You must choose one of the teenagers and follow their journey in order to escape from violence.

During the trip you’ll have to make some decisions about what to do next.

Take notes of what was life like for this teenager before starting their journey and about the decisions you have made and how they have continued their journey.



3.es.50. ST. Sintaxis. Los complementos verbales obligatorios


3.es.49. Librería BIBLIOTECA DE BABEL.


3.en.9 War & Conflict

We have already discussed what the causes of conflict and war might be. In this interactive map you can locate on going conflicts and wars. In the site you will also find what the different icons stand for according to colour and size. By clicking on them you will get information on the conflict. We shall be using the map in class.Captura de pantalla 2015-04-30 a la(s) 6.37.22 AMNow, listen to this you tube video and identify in the map the 10 active wars that are mentioned.

3.es.48. Locura de teatro. Improvisación


3.es.47. Mejora tu redacción


3.es.46. En el recuerdo, Karolin y Begoña